Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Keto Foods- From Previous "We Must Eat And Drink" Blog Posts

Check out some of my older blog posts and you will be surprised at how many could be used for the Keto diet!

Green Beans with Bacon and Tomato

Brussel Sprouts


Meats - B.B.Q. Time!

Peppers and Curry Leaves

Peppers and Curry Leaves

Cheese, Coffee and Cocoa

Salad with lots of Greens and Avocado

Pork Chops

Ingredients for Gucamole

Ingredients for Tacos

Ingredients for Hummus

Beef Sticks

Homemade Teriyaki & B.B.Q. Beef Sticks



Bacon Wrapped Steak

Bunless Burger

Perfect Salad

Ingredients for Perfect Salad

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