Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Cheese Store - Beverly Hills

Cheese Basket with Olives, Bread & Crackers
We went to Beverly Hills to try out The Cheese Store.  My adult kids would not even stay inside the store because of the smell.  I know they are my kids, but are they?  How can a kid of mine not love cheese?  The smell of the shop wasn't bad.  They have all kinds of wonderful cheeses and I felt like a kid in a candy store, masquerading as an adult in a cheese shop.  They made up a wonderful cheese basket of delicious cheeses, grapes, crackers and bread.  My favorite, which I requested, was the Roquefort.

We found out about the article in the June/July 2013 AARP Magazine. You can find it online at AARP The Magazine.

Big Cheese by Kenneth Miller

The only reason we went to Beverly Hills was because of that delicious article.  It made my mouth water for cheese.  When I got there I asked for a sample of Roquefort.  The man behind the counter sliced a piece and put it into my hand.  I did share, but I didn't want to.  I ate half a slice and was in heaven.  I love Roquefort!  Ever since I could remember, Roquefort Dressing on my salads were the most memorable.  I would ask for Roquefort, but would be given regular bleu cheese.  Bleu Cheese is good, but Roquefort is the best.  Here is a great site to learn more about Roquefort.

In the picture of the cheese tray (top):
Soft Smelly Cheese in the Center - La Tur
As far as the other cheeses?  I have no idea.  We asked for cheeses similar to the taste of Roquefort.  If you go to The Cheese Store's website they have pictures and wonderful descriptions, but there are just too many for me to figure out.  I would love to become a connoisseur, eventually.

While searching online for the Big Cheese article I did find this interesting tidbit about how Cheese reproduces.

La Tur & The Cheese Store Labels

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