Sunday, July 7, 2013

Mitsuwa - Irvine

We decided to visit the Mitsuwa Marketplace today.
What a wonderful treat.  We stayed in the store for a few hours, just looking at all the wonderful things.  We bought quite a few new and exciting things to try out.  So keep checking back for some new recipes.

After we were done shopping and had put all of our precious items in our cooler, we went back in to try some food.  I went to pick up our order and asked for some water.  As the waitress went to the back to get the water, I looked down at the food.  It was moving.  I was horrified.  I knew that the order of Takoyaki had Squid in in.  I had seen a video once where they were eating live squid.  When the waitress returned I asked her if they were alive in there.  She giggled a little and said, that it was the heat from the food moving the Bonito flakes around similar to the video below.

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